this software has two panels
1. Owner Panel
2. Employee Panel
1st I will explain the owner panel having the following functionalities
1.Add All Employees
2. Assign them Username and password to access the employee panel
3. Add Alerts for all employees when they start work and when they end the work
4. Assign working hours to all employees
5. getting emails and SMS alerts on owner email and phone number when they start work and end work
6. Owner can add his credentials for an SMTP client to send alerts
7.owner can check the screenshot when employee start work and after every minute his laptop screenshot will be sent to the owner automatically
8.Owner can check the screenshot of the employee screen whenever he wants
9.owner can also delete and updates all information which explains above
10.Owner can test the alerts by clicking on test email or SMS button
Now I will explain the Employee Panel having the given functionalities
1. When employees log in their start working alerts send automatically to the owner number or emails”Your ABC employee start working”
2.working hours start automatically assigned by the owner
3. employees can never cancel the pop up during working hours they only hide
4. when working hours are completed a review box open automatically in which the employee explain his activity performed within working hours and submit
5.when they submit the review it will automatically receive by employees by email or by SMS
6.when he submits the review now he can close the popup of the timer automatically
7.during time running screenshot will take automatically and send to owners in owner panels

So this is our software which design for employee monitoring. Hope so you will like our efforts

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