VisualStores helps in managing the daily operation of a business venture by digitally manages stock inventory, sales, accounting, receipt issuance and documentation, product expiration warning, low stock notification, wholesales management, drug usage and interaction notification (for pharmacies), live remote monitoring of the store via internet and online backup of operational data for data security with little human effort
This software solution tailored after the standard windows Graphic User Interface helps to drive flexibility, acceptability and ease of use and is a one stop solution for the Business organization conscious of solving her customer’s challenge as well as proit maximization through digitalization. This robust digital solution helps to drive productivity though the
maximization of staff strength in areas so important like the customer satisfaction through great interpersonal relationship which could be compromised by stressed and worn out staff. The software solution is distinctive in that it brought into one piece all the requisite tools to help a 21 century organization perform optimally.


Visualstore is a sales, purchase and stock management software. It is fast and easy to use. You can use it for retail, grocery, shop, small business, restaurant and different types of sales management for one or multiple warehouses. It’s easy to install and you’ll get free updates forever.

  • .Net 4.6 and Above
  • C#
  • Winform
  • Database (Ms SqlServer)
  • Unlimited Products: Total number of items you can stock in your store
  • Unlimited Product: Categories Listings This is a grouping of items which help in sorting and selected implementation of commands
  • Flexible sales mode: Users can have upto 4 sales mode like Selling price, Wholesale price, pack price, Special price
  • Financial Analysis: Standard accounting of the business transactions ranging from daily to monthly, yearly and custom periods
  • Automated Daily: Expenses/Report Features to track the day to day running of the company so the cost of running businesses can be tracked
  • Inventory Control: management This includes sets of commands to help maintain the stock and thus reduce leakages
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Custom Reports in Real-time: These are the detailed analysis showing the financial progression of the store
  • Regular Customer: Trackable customer’s details to reveal the business dealings of business partners
  • Debt Management: Registered business partners transact often and at times on credit. Trackable financial management are thus important
  • Suppliers Management: This tracks the inflow of goods into the store, their supplier and include account management
  • Discount & Promotion Management: Clearance sales, expiration pushouts, and seasonal rebate to customers
  • Order Management: Communicate directly with suppliers that have such features
  • Management Portal : Unrestricted monitoring by staff with administrative privileges
  • Cash flow Management: Monitor the entire cashflow path with ease
  • Generate Receipt: on check out Sales acknowledgment and branded printable receipt
  • Track numbers of receipts printed: Control sales without invoice
  • Optimized Generic name for products: Generic names to control abuse
  • Automated Customer’s Ledger: View the ledger of regular customers to reward faithful partners
  • Automated Product Ledger: View a listing of all products available
  • Manage Debtors’ List: View debtors details to prevent protracted debt
  • User Management (Up to 5 Level tiers): Number of Distinct user privileges with respect to roles
  • Expiry Date Notifications/warning: Get an advance notification of items about to expire and thus expedite sales
  • Automatic Low Level Stock Alerts: Get alert to reorder before you run out of stock
  • Staff Management: Manage your staff in real time
  • Mobile App Integrations: remotely Manage and monitoring all Activities via Mobile Phone
  • Online Portal: Web integration for remote store monitoring
  • Synchronize Desktop, Mobile and Web Version: Subject to internet connectivity, the store can be accessed in real time remotely
  • Payroll Software: Staff Remuneration facilities
  • Complete Website: Company personalized website creation
  • Expert System Integrations: Artificial Intelligence for business growth and monitoring
  • Company Health Status: Analytical display of the organization’s standing based on daily operations
  • Track all users activities Log: to track every activity to facilitate forensic analysis of irregularity
  • Free Upgrades and Updates: Periodic improvement targeted at smooth operation
  • Security Upgrade: These are emergency updates released to
    prevent prevailing threats
  • Product Interactions and product usage: For health related stores only. To prevent drug abuse
  • Staff Performance Evaluations: Displays a report to acknowledge the most outstanding staff
  • Sales Reports: View detailed analysis of sales
  • Best sellers Items: View fast moving items
  • Product Never sold: Items stocked yet not been sold over time to prevent financial redundancy
  • Product Tracker: Track the detailed history of an item to
    unravel pilfering
  • Stock Valuation: Evaluate the total worth of your store without
    the need of an external auditor

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