Welcome to our comprehensive healthcare management software featuring two distinct panels: the Admin Panel and the User Panel.

Admin Panel:
Explore the power of our Admin Panel with a range of modules designed to streamline healthcare management:

1. Dashboard: Gain insights into the total number of doctor-patient interactions and today’s checkups at a glance.

2. Doctor Management: Effortlessly add, update, delete, and view doctor appointments, including today’s, upcoming, and previous appointments.

3. Patient Records: Access detailed patient information, manage upcoming, previous, and today’s checkups, and facilitate updates and deletions.

4. Appointment Scheduler: Seamlessly appoint doctors to patients for efficient healthcare coordination.

5. Employee Administration: Add employee details and assign roles such as admin or user, ensuring a well-organized system.

6. Reports Generation: Generate comprehensive reports for each module, facilitating insightful analysis and decision-making.

User Panel:
The User Panel mirrors the functionalities of the Admin Panel, allowing users to interact with the system without the ability to delete or update data.

Experience the future of healthcare management with our feature-rich software. Simplify operations, enhance coordination, and elevate patient care. Get started today!

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