This car wash management system is suitable for large,small and medium-sized companies overing all kind of car wash services.This sytem has over 8 modules and 30+ Sub-Modules.The system is highly customizable is all the settings
are done through back office or main form.It has been developed using modern tool to suit latest requirements.Some of the features includes:
1.Local area network support including wireles network
2.Friendly user interface
3.M-Pesa payment gateway support
4.Company settings
5.User registration
6.Full Post paid module
7.Full Pre paid module.
8.Bulk sms support
9.Pre-paid customer smart card generation
10.Full Banking module
11.Accounting module:General ledger report generation,Trial balance report generation
12.Car wash services settings and pricing
13.Expenses settings
14.Expense payment
15.Database backup and restore
16.User management.

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