Why Bing Maps Data Scraper Pro!

Extracts important data from Bing Maps

Extracts Business Name ,Category, Email, Full Address, Phone, Rating, Website

EPerfect search by specific Keywords, same as done on Bing Maps

Ready-to-use Bing Maps Data Scraping Software to get started instantly

this tool can help with gathering large amount of data for businesses and used for lead generation campaigns.

How To Install

If you are not a developer, it doesn’t matter, we provide a installation file.

Installation is very easy with our Easy Installer.
You can install yourself simply in few steps without any coding knowledge.

How To Use

We provide complete documentation and demo videos

Amazing Features

  • Full source code
  • Bing Maps Data Scraper Pro Installation file
  • Extract phone number
  • Extract Name
  • Extract email
  • Extract website
  • Extract address
  • Extract rating
  • Extract pluscode
  • exprot to text/excel
  • Very easy to use,for non-developer/developer
  • More….

Important Information

Visual Studio 2019 Framework 4.8

If you are not a developer, it doesn’t matter, just run our installation file


Bing Maps Data Scraper Pro unofficial and independent of mricosoft Inc;
Please follow the Bing Maps specification when using this software.

Version History

Version 2.0.2 (04-11-2021)

- Add:   log
- Fixed: Startup issue
- Fixed: Adjust waiting time

Version 2.0 (24-10-2021)

- Add: modern UI  
- Fixed: Improve performance

Version 1.0 (18-10-2021)

- Add: Init Release

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