AutoFirst – Car Dealers POS & Website – Automotives/Vehicles Software

AutoFirst is an automatic online car selling web application which comes with powerful built-in automotives/vehicles POS Software. Do you own a showroom? Or sale vehicles? This is for you.

Developed in ASP.NET MVC with C#, The POS is covered with powerful features such as managing client details, used vehicles in stock for sell, new cars for sell, revenue outcome and individual client’s accounts management with complete payment & installments history.

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With powerful wizard features, add client/vehicles and/or payment details within few clicks in few steps. We have developed it and covered with user-friendly step by step wizards to make things easy for you!

1st POS with Website

Basic need of businesses in automotives industry is POS. But we have combined it and connected it to the website too. So our inventory of Used Cars in POS will also be shown on front-end website. Visitors can visit the website to see used cars and book one right away with an appointment.

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Moreover, the same way you can add the new car details through POS and all the details of new vehicles will be shown on front of the website and user can explore the specifications, details of new cars and if they desire – they can book one instantly!

In simple words, this is powerful POS for businesses who need to manage their client details, car purchase and sell details, revenue reports, client’s purchase and sale history with complete payment and installment details. Within that, the POS knows what to show on website to go live within minutes and derive more traffic digitally to your business by instantly listing new/used cars on website. If the car is sold locally or online and an entry is made on POS, that car will be removed from website too.

Clients Management & History

Add clients to manage their details and history. Purchase/Sale details of any vehicle with client will be saved in database with all payment details and Accounts Management System.

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Search and click on any Client to view his/her all history with our business. Including sale/purchase history, installments history, payments that are debited & credited with client along with client’s balance which is due by client or by us.

New Vehicles

If our business sell New Cars, we can add new cars details by Make, Model, Year, Color along with Technical Details, Specifications & Description to save in our POS. This New Car details will also be shown on front-end website to users so they can explore what’s new in market, the price, specifications and can book one too instantly.

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Used Vehicles

Add Used Car purchase details in POS by selecting client. The purchase history will be recorded in our database with all payments details. We can sell them locally or online. Manage the Purchase/Sale history along with transactions details.

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20 Color Schemes for Web & POS

One Wonderful feature of this application is to change the color scheme of our application with few clicks. Still not good enough? You can define your own color scheme for the application too in few simple steps. The Color Scheme will work on both POS & Front-end website.

Lightweight RDBMS Database

The database is designed and developed with RDBMS methodology and is kept lightweight to make our application and website robust.

Powerful Wizards

That’s what makes our POS the beautiful, powerful of all. Whether a new client steps in to the showroom to buy/sale, simply enter mobile number/name of the client and let the POS work. It will search for client in real time. If the client is not found, it will be instantly saved in database and let the process go on with the client’s demands. Don’t need to go here or there. Our POS will guide us step by step.

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The Powerful Wizard works from start till end. In few steps of the Wizard, the POS will save client details, car that is bought/sold with prices, payments cash/installments history. As per the promise, if the car is bought by client and saved in POS – it will go live on website for sale too.


View Complete Reports of the transactions made in our business. All Buy/Sale History, Individual Clients Payments History, Installments History and much more.


This is Published Version which can be installed on any domain to build Cars Listing, New & Used Car Selling website within few minutes. It can also be used on your local pc/laptop to install Automotives POS and within seconds and use locally. If you need source code, you need to get extended license. Contact us for more info.

The Detailed Documentation can be found here: AutoFirst Documentation

Price will be doubled after first 50 sales.

The first 10 modifications and customizations suggestions will be done FREE OF COST. (Prior to Approval of the suggestion). Contact us today to let us know what you have in your mind. Please note that Combinez reserves all the rights to accept/deny any suggestion based on criteria.

We can help you do paid installation and/or paid customizations/modifications on this web application as per your desires. Contact us today with your needs and we will be more than happy to serve you.

Version Logs

v2. Enhanced Transactions Processes
v2. View & Export Invoice to PDF
v2. Fixed Bugs
v2. New Version with more Features added.
v1.0.6.0 Enhanced Installment Invoices Process
v1.0.5.3 Fixed Bugs/Tweaks on Transactions
v1.0.5.0 Enhanced Cash/Installment Transactions
v1.0.3.0 View Client’s Documents
v1.0.1.11 Fixed Bugs & Tweaks
v1.0.1.9 Cash & Installment Tweaks
v1.0.1.8 Website Tweaks & Admin Panel Car Utilities Tweaks
v1.0.1.0 Added Vouchers History in Individual Client Details
v1.0.0.7 Fixed Titles
v1.0.0.5 Added Favicon & Website Homepage Tweaks
v1.0.0.0 – AutoFirst by COMBINEZ

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