Advanced POS with Inventory Management is a web based application that allows you to
manage your
sales, purchase, product and stock.

Application manages sales & sales return with invoices as well as payments,
purchase request/quotes, purchase & purchase return with invoice as well as payments.

It also manages all your customers, products, supplier, inquiries coming from different source, inventory/stock
of your products, company/staff expenses and reminders.

Application contains advance reporting like purchase report, sales report, product purchase report, product sales
report, stock report, purchase payment report, sales payment report, expense report, sales vs purchase report and
many more.

Application can be ready to install on local computer or on server with easy installation process.

  • Quality verified by Envato
  • Build version for both MySQL and MS SQL Server.
  • Complete Source Code & Database Script
  • Regular updates
  • Free future updates
  • Welcome for suggestions
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    User Name: [email protected]
    Password: admin@123

    User Name: [email protected]
    Password: employee@123

    Advanced POS With Inventory Management


    • Dashboard:

      • Quick Statistics of total sales, purchase, sales return purchase return.
      • Monthly best selling products chart.
      • Calendar with reminder scheduler.
      • Latest inquiry List.
      • Recent sales order expected shipment.
      • Recent purchase order expected delivery
    • Products: Manage all products with brand, category, unit, sales price, purchase price,
      taxes and image.
    • Suppliers: Manage all suppliers with billing and shipping address.
    • Customers: Manage all your customers’ details.
    • Purchase Order:

      • Manage purchase order with multiple products and tax, discount, quantity and price.
      • Generate/print purchase order invoice/receipt.
      • Create multiple purchase order from purchase order request/quotes.
      • Manage purchase order payments.
      • Return specific item from existing purchase order and generate/print invoice/receipt.
      • Receive automated notification/email on delivery date of purchase order.
    • Sales Order:

      • Manage sales order with multiple products and tax, discount, quantity and price.
      • Generate/print sales order invoice/receipt.
      • Manage sales order payments.
      • Return specific item from existing sales order and generate/print invoice/receipt.
      • Receive automated notification/email on shipment date of sales order.
    • Inventory:

      • Product inventory is automatically manage by purchase and sale orders with average sales, purchase
        price and stock.
        adjust stock inventory by adding manually.
      • view All purchase, sale, purchase return and sales return history with unit per price.
    • Expense: Manage all company expense with category and receipt.
    • Inquiries: Keep track of all inquiries and manage it’s activities that have been generated
      from different sources. you can also set reminder on specific date to get notification or email to user.
    • Reports:

      • Purchase order report
      • Sales order report
      • Purchase order payment report
      • Sales order payment report
      • Expense report
      • Sales Vs Purchase report.
      • Product Purchase Report
      • Product Sales Report
      • Stock Report
      • Sales Vs Purchase Report
      • Supplier Payment Report
      • Customer Payment Report
    • Reminder Scheduler: You can set recurring Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly,
      Yearly or Specific Date reminders in the system to get notification or email.
    • Support Multiple Language: By default, the application comes with English, Chinese,
      Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, German and French languages. You can add a new language in just minutes.

    • User & Role Management: Admin can create User and Role via admin panel and assign roles to
    • Permissions: You can give staff specific permissions on what they can do or can’t do. Role
      and User permissions can be overridden for each staff member.
    • High Performance: Advanced POS With Inventory Management is lightweight and has lightning
      fast performance and page
      load time out of the box.
    • Email: Setup predefined email templates from text editor, Manage email SMTP and send
      predefined email template to supplier/anyone by one click.
    • Full Source Code: You will get the full Source Code of Advanced POS With Inventory
      Management and build versions for
      SQL Server and MySQL database provider.




    User Name: [email protected]
    Password: admin@123

    User Name: [email protected]
    Password: employee@123

    Project Requirement

    • .Net Core Runtime
    • SQL Server/MySQL Database.
    • To Host Application on Shared Linux hosting it is required standard user account with sudo privilege. as per
      our experience so far most of the Linux shared hosting providers are not providing root level access.
    • The latest non-preview .NET runtime installed on the server.

    Please be informed that you will need internet connection to install the project. we have mentioned all the steps
    a documentation that how to install on Linux and Windows server however It would be difficult for
    non-technical person to install project, we offer installation service for $30. Please check Documentation in
    download for more info.

    Project Technologies

    • .Net 6
    • SignalR
    • Angular 13
    • Angular Material UI
    • Bootstrap
    • SQL Server/ MySQL 8+

    Change Logs

            8 June 2022 : V1.0
            Initial Release

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