Advanced OPD and Hospital Management System Software is suitable for almost every hospital or medical institution from patient OPD visits to Operations to Pathology tests etc. This software collaborates with admin, patients, doctors, nurses, laboratorians, pharmacists, receptionists, and accountants so that all the paperwork and manual tiresome work can be automated easily and efficiently.

Useful For:
Hospital OPD
Clinic Management
Hospital Management

OPD Key Feature:

  • Generate Token Number
  • Add Doctor
  • Add Patient
  • Receipt Print with Logo
  • Doctor wise Payments
  • Day Reports
  • Clinic Key Feature:

  • Hospital Configuration
  • Doctors Profile
  • Doctor Commission
  • Bed Management, Bed View with Booking Status
  • Pathology, X-ray, Ultrasound, ECG Test List
  • Drug List
  • Patient Registration (Indoor / Outdoor)
  • Test Recommendation for patient (Indoor / Outdoor)
  • Patient Query
  • Billing
  • Deposit
  • Discharge (General Information/ Drug Advice/ Operation Note / Baby Note)
  • Doctors Payment
  • Pathology Lab
  • X-ray Department
  • Ultrasound Department
  • ECG Department
  • Spell checking facility
  • List of Item, Retail Sales
  • Sales return register
  • Customer payment register
  • Database Backup
  • User Permission
  • User Log
  • Password Change
  • Report:

  • Patient Information
  • Patient Test Bill
  • Individual Patient Hospital/Surgeon/Others Bill
  • Patient Deposit Slip
  • Pathology Test Report
  • Ultrasound Report
  • X-Ray Report
  • ECG Report
  • Doctors Payment Slip
  • Date Wise Doctor Payment
  • Date Wise Deposit Statement
  • Date Wise Income Statement
  • Discharge Report
  • Drug Advice Report
  • Operation Note
  • Baby Note
  • Sales Report
  • Customer payment report
  • Suitable for
    Small and medium-sized Medical Emergency OPD, Hospital, Clinic , Diagnostic center, Doctors Points, Pathology Department, X-Ray Department, Ultrasound Department, ECG Department Etc.

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