This is an addictive game suitable for users of all ages. The red nose ball is in different traps. Can you help him to get out of different traps?
A game with easy controls – just roll and jump to solve all the puzzles and enjoy the adventures. Download and Install the Demo Apk before believing in all of the claimed features.


  • Google Admob integrated.
  • Easy Customization. For example to set up your own Admob ID, all you need is just to change a variable.
  • Reskin almost everything by just drag and drop.
  • Lots of details, Natural and Interactive Animations. Like leaves falling from tree, checkpoint flag animation, dust creation on ball roll on platform and many more…
  • Multiple Levels – all with addicting puzzles.
  • Lots of Death.
  • Camera Shake effect, Screen Blood Splatter effect, funny ball breaks down into pieces on death etc…
  • Interact with almost everything in the game world… like breaking a wooden box, activating different keys to solve puzzles etc.
  • Player can choose and buy from several items.
  • Powered by Unity Game Engine. Single Project multiple builds – Android, iOS, Windows phone, web etc.
  • Easy and effective documentation with example screenshots for every steps and video tutorials.

What’s so awesome about this product ?

Unity Rewarded Video Ads Integrated. The set up is made super easy… just get your Unity Ad ID and paste. Unity Non-annoying Rewarded Video Ads are recent great way of earning huge revenue. Users are given a chance to see a video ad and to restore life on game over. Checkout this feature from the Demo apk.

Easily connect your game to different social medias and increase your player base.

What you will get on buying…

  1. The Complete Project that includes:
    • The Source Codes
    • Game Sprites, Images and Animations
    • Sound Effects
  2. Documentation With Images and videos for every steps.
  3. Our complete support for up and running this project on your machine.

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