Tap Cat it’s a game that will test your reaction in a pretty and addicting way. You need to catch the falling pewpews by clicking at the right time on the cats. The falling speed gradually increases so it will be quite hard at first but with practice you will get better and better. It resembles a bit with Flappy Bird but it comes with a new gameplay type to test you’re reaction.



- Magneto - will attract all falling pewpew's to one cat for 5 seconds.
- Freezer - will freeze the screen and slow down for a bit the speed of the falling pewpew's.
- Catcher - will catch some of the falling pewpew's for you.
- Health Pickup - will regenerate one life.
- Legendary faller - a dragon will drop only once / game. If you catch it you are badass and earn the legendary achievment.


This game it’s nicely polished and really easy to reskin.Simply change the sprites and you are up and running. The code it’s also nicely commented for a faster modification.

All you need to open and compile this source-code it’s GameMaker:STUDIO.

If you have any issues or questions regarding the source-code don’t hesitate to contact me at and I will get back to you as fast as possible. Also if you reskinned it and published it I would love to take a look at you’re product and give some impressions on it


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