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Pot the Squares

I’m assuming that you are smart enough to have guessed it correctly and have a rough
idea what this game is about, yes,
you just have to, correctly, pot the squares.
Yeah, this game sounds easy, but it gets difficult and more interesting as you play it.
There is one simple rules, you have to swipe the coming square in the direction shown by the
arrow, if you pot it right next square will come and you have to pot as many squares
in the correct pot, directed by the arrows, as you can. Make a high score and challenge your
friends to beat your score.



More Features

  • Orgarnized and structured code.
  • Clean and Beautiful Design.
  • Smooth user-interface and functionality
  • Built on LibGDX.
  • Easy to import in Android Studio and customize it.
  • Admob Interstitial and Banner ads.
  • Compatible with all the Android Mobiles and Tablets.
  • Rate and Share feature.
  • Google Play Leaderboard.
  • PSD templates to customize it the way you want.
  • Fun Sound effects.
  • Run your app on desktop for debugging and reskinning.
  • Different coloured background in gameplay.

About Leaderboard

For leaderboard to work properly you need to replace the given app ID
and leaderboard ID with your IDs. You can get these IDs from Google Play
store dashboard.

Files Included

  • Java, xml and apk files.
  • Photoshop files (PSDs) for Logo and graphic content in the app


Pot the Squares - Material | Leaderboard | Admob - 3

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