Book My Salon, the is a simple and powerful Salon scheduling app for salon owners, employees and renters. It is a  hybrid cross-platform app for managing your salon business to run quick and easy, so it is helpful for a developer  to build a salon app for android and ios. Book My Salon has all the features to provide a robust and secured solution for your beauty business, salons and spas. The Book My Salon, custom mobile application is a highly advanced and personalized marketing method specifically to manage your spa, beauty salon, hair salon etc ranging from single Salon operator to Salon chains. Thus Book My Salon is a cutting edge Application that helps you to increase Salon bookings and profits.


Benefits for having a salon appointment booking app

  • Book more clients and increase repeat appointments.
  • Introduce mobile marketing before your competitors.
  • Provide easy appointment management for users.
  • Increase loyalty by booking more clients.
  • Increase customer interaction.
  • Provide users with simple and fast mobile payments.


  • Simple and Elegant Design
  • User Management
  • Security Key for Bulk data protection
  • Online Salon Booking
  • Store Locator
  • Google API Based Searching
  • Cash Payment option
  • Filter By
    • Services
    • Prices and offers
    • Gender
    • Location


The functionality of Book My Salon App is depending on the Admin panel of Book My Salon webscript. The webscript offers a diverse functionality for you to manage your Salon business effectively and efficiently. Click Here to buy now

Online build link :

App demo video :

Avail our customization services now!!!

  1. Customization to add Language translation.
  2. Customization for Social Login
  3. Customization for Push Notification
  4. Customization for Payment gateway
  5. Customization for Email notification on customer Registration.
  6. Customization for salon owner interface app
  7. Customization to add Social Share Button
  8. Customization for Calling.
  9. Customization to add Appointment reminders
  10. Customization for Availability search

If your salon business requires Book My Salon App with some more features in addition to, then contact us or mail us at [email protected], Our Book My Salon experts will always there to assist you to bear your requirements.

What sets us apart!!

We are the leading salon software solutions development company in India. Our innovative mobile app features and values are built upon your needs, so we include all the basic and advanced features that you might require. From an idea to deployment we provide innovative software technology solutions for our customers in the hair, beauty, spa, clinic, barber and Beauty Salon Industries around the world. Within a short time we have already delivered 150+ hair salon apps.

Developing an application is easy to do, but developing the right application for your salon business with your requirements is something you should leave to CodeInfoTecSolution.


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