My News multipurpose application. You can use this Android app as news resource, a personal blog or portfolio. Content app is available for registered users and not registered users. Registered users have more possibilities: make comments, put a mark “I like”, edit personal profile, receive notifications of replies to comments.

Comments system allows users to communicate with each other and discuss your entries.

My News application is built in Android Studio. The server side is built on object oriented php with a MySQL database. Installation of the server part is done quickly in a few simple steps.

Application demo: Link to Google Play

About admin panel:

The full-featured admin panel allows you to manage user accounts. With section Comments Stream You can see in real time what is happening in your application now. Also, the admin panel has other important features: sending gcm messages to users and management of advertising in the application.

Application Features:

  • Emoji in Comments
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Comments Replies
  • Search Items
  • Personalize your notifications
  • Submitting tickets to support from application
  • Abuse reports to the users
  • Facebook login|sign up|connect|disconnect
  • Profile photo and cover
  • Push notifications about new comments replies
  • AdMob banner
  • And much more …

Admin panel Features:

  • Statistics
  • Create|Edit|Delete categories
  • Create|Edit|Delete items
  • Comments Stream (View and Delete)
  • View abuse reports to users
  • Support section
  • Edit user profile
  • Block|unblock user profile
  • On/Off AdMob banner for all users or for an individual user
  • View recently sent messages (FCM)
  • Send push notifications (FCM) to all users or for an individual user

Admin panel demo: Link

Login: administrator

Password: administrator


v1.7 – (09.02.2019) (How to update – see documentation)

  • Made a redesign.
  • Added support for Android 8 and 9.
  • Fixed errors.

v1.5 – (19.12.2017) (How to update – see documentation)

  • Fixed a bug with Facebook Login.
  • Fixed errors.

v1.4 – (26.12.2016) (How to update – see documentation)

  • Optimization (compression, cropping) images before uploading to the server
  • Android 6 Run Time Permissions
  • Fixed errors.

v1.3 – (19.09.2016) (How to update – see documentation)

  • Migration from GCM to FCM
  • Improved layouts
  • Fixed errors.

v1.1 – (13.05.2016) (How to update – see documentation)

  • Added the ability to create articles without pictures.
  • Fixed errors.


Hosting with PHP, MYSQL

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