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Music Store App is a template application under Android platform 2.1 but you can get all contains of this code. This application is using Parsing XML for all most activity with DOM Parser for get all contain of data. In this application you can see the code for parsing xml to create this Music Store App and you can implementing to create some Application like this or you can improved to create some Applications using xml in website by URL. This template application is very simple one and easy to customized. And something new is Gallery View concept with icon, you can choose 3 activity is Best seller, Popular News and New Items Activity with that concept.


1. Gallery View Icon with Click.

2. Parsing XML using DOM Parser.

3. Easy Customized.

4. Integrate using Sqlite database.

5. Expand Text View with Click.

6. WebView Feature integrated with Youtube and Amazon.

7. Google Admob.

8. User Guide Include.

9. Android 2.1 above.

Testing Apk

music store


You can email me at [email protected] for reported bug and give me a suggestion for improving this app, i am very appreciate that  :)

Appreciate my work  :)

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