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iBurgler will make you feel like a real thief. Main objective of this casual game it’s to steal as much as you can before the alarm goes off. Trust your instincts and open as much vaults you can by guessing the right combination to the right vault. In this game you also need to know when to quit and run with the goodies or stay and risk getting caught.

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  • Randomly generated levels – The loot it’s randomly generated and spread throughout the safes. Currently there are 150 levels.
  • In-Game currency – You can use diamonds as a main currency. Convert them into money or buy upgrades.
  • Unique Gameplay – It will put your instinct and luck to test.
  • Multiple PowerUps – Get some help from 4 awesome power-ups.

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  • XScanner – This item scans safes and shows your their content for a short time.
  • Freeze Time – This item gives you the ability to freeze time for 10 seconds.
  • EMP – This items gives you the ability to freeze alarm for 5 moves.
  • Sunchro Gun – A rocket will randomly pick a vault with goodies inside and blow it off.

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To open and modify the source you will need GameMaker:Studio(click here)to check their page. Don’t get scared if you’re new to GM because it’s really easy to work with and a very powerfull tool for creating games.

If you have any issues or questions regarding the source-code don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] and I will get back to you as fast as possible. Also if you reskinned it and published it I would love to take a look at your product and give some impressions on it  :D

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You can export this game to all mobile platforms(iOS,Android,Windows Mobile) + HTML5,PC,MacOS & Linux.

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What you get inside the zip

  • SourceCode (.gmz & .gmx)
  • Demonstration file (.apk)
  • Documentaion Folder(.html)
  • PNG files for all the sprites used.

*I’m also offering lifetime support for any of my products and FREE future updates.

In the end, I really hope that someone can publish this and make a good game out of it because it would be sad to stay and get dust in my PC.

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