HitBalls is a simple but intuitive iOS game that let you play and immerse yourself in a beautiful and enjoyable game.

What kind of game is?

Is an iOS Game (with relative Source Code), with the only “enemy”, the balls.

The scope of the game is to avoid the balls that came from every side of the device (left, right, up and down).

The game is compatible with iOS 11 and iOS 12, written in Swift 4 and available for iPhone and iPad compatible with Xcode 10.

What you can do with this source code?

1. Initial Setup
2. Add your own bundle id (from com.yourname.HitBalls to your own)
3. Add the app capabilities (iCloud, First check inside the iCloud, NOT CloudKit or others, and Game Center, that let you share your score globally or with your friends).
4. After that, run the app on your physical device or simulator, and enjoy

If you have any help, do not hesitate to email me to [email protected] to get more info.

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