Features application

  • Unlimited category radio
  • Unlimited radio station
  • Own full php backend
  • Push notification module
  • Local push notification ( Track name and station name)
  • Popular stations module
  • Favorite station
  • News module
  • Share module
  • Podcast module
  • Ability to download podcasts and listen offline
  • Background play radio
  • Support Shoutcast and Icecast
  • Support MP3 , AAC | AAC+ stream
  • Search information track radio in Apple music (cover track)
  • Flat design
  • Support Android Studio
  • Support Android 64Bit architecture
  • GitHub access (extended licence)

Features backend

  • Add , edit, delete category radio station
  • Add , edit , delete radio station
  • Control and delete Apple music found information
  • Add , edit, delete radio news
  • Add, delete podcast track
  • Xss protection
  • Json POST | GET protection
  • Users role (admin, editor, demo)

Technical requirements

  • PHP 5.6 – 7.X
  • MySQL min 5.5

iOS Application


  • June 21 ,2016 Bug fixed, play radio fixed, orientation fixed, php installer fixed, podcast download fixed, removed push from backend
  • May 11 ,2017 Bug fixed, play radio fixed
  • June 16 ,2018 Bug fixed // edit category, news, radio fixed // updated widget in the notification pane , support Android 7.x – 8.x // updated radio library // updated dependencies
  • 09.01.2019 – Bug fixed // new installer backend // updated radio library (remove accdecoder) // updated dependencies // fixed background play
  • September 19. 2018 : Fixed image in backend // fixed audiomanager in app // fixed size image in app
  • 16.01.2019 – Bug fixed // new installer backend // updated radio library (remove accdecoder) // updated dependencies // fixed background play
  • 1.03.2019 – performance optimization
  • 12.11.2019 – migrate to Android X / update backend
  • 19.05.2020 – Minor bug fixed



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  • We do not provide support in the comments and via email.
  • We do not provide users with documentation how to change, add or delete functions in the application.
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  • We do not do refund, on these issues, please contact the support envato.
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  • Customization is not included in the extended and regular license
  • Applications purchased with discount support are not covered
  • We not only work, but sometimes even a rest, so on Saturday and Sunday, we will not turn our computers


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