Rules of the game is very simple, you just sort to group same color into line by line(vertical or horizontal is accepted) by drag left, right, up, down row or colume.

How to build:
1. IOS:
– Open /FlatRubik/proj.ios_mac/FlatRubik.xcodeproj -> run.

– Config Amob:
modify line 53, /FlatRubik/proj.ios_mac/ios/ self.interstitial = [[GADInterstitial alloc] initWithAdUnitID:"ca-app-pub-2163545683625953/1006567028"]; by self.interstitial = [[GADInterstitial alloc] initWithAdUnitID:“YOUR_ADMOB_UNIT_ID”];

– Config GameCenter: make 4 leaderboards ID on your itunse connect:
top_time_33, top_time_44, top_time_55, top_time_66 ->OK

– Config Facebook:
replace: xcodeproject/Info/FacebookAppID = your facebook app id.
URL type: fb_OUR_ID = fbYOUR_ID

Android: FlatRubik/
2. ./gradlew
3. ./ or

config Admob: in

admob_id_interstitial = YOUR_ADMOB_ID

facebook_app_id = YOUR_FB_ID

Leaderboard:(Use Google Play Service)
make 4 leaderboards id on Google Play Sonsole: top_time_33, top_time_44, top_time_55, top_time_66
google_app_id = YOUR_GG_APP_ID
android_client_id = YOUR_CLIENT_APP_ID

live app:

Support: [email protected]

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