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Color Sense game is a very unique, simple and fun filled addictive iOS game. It has been downloaded more than 50,000 times on iTunes so far. Player just need to find the different colored block and get 1 point in 60 seconds. Player also loses 1 point if they failed three times. Player who finds maximum number of different colored blocks – ranks high in the game.

1) Game Center
2) Ad-mob
3) App Review/Like button connected to iTunes Store.

How to Setup and Reskin:-
You don’t need to know coding to re-skin this game but you do need some basic knowledge of XCode and Image Editing (even MS PaintBrust works

How to Setup and Reskin:- All steps are explained in the documentation provided with the project step by step, please read it for more info

Steps to Setup:

Open project, it already has everything/framework/plugins/images/sounds included.
Change the name of project and bundle id, version, build, team.
Set up game center leaderboards and achievements in iTunes connect. It will be automatically updated in the code.
Archive, validate and submit to the App Store.

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