This is an special offer, get four games with less price.
These games Built by BuildBox.

You can edit the games easily, no need advance programming skills .

Ads Networks

These games have the following Banner and Interstitial Ads Networks:-

  • Admob
  • Chartboost
  • Facebook
  • PlayHaven Token
  • Vungle
  • MoPub
  • HeyZap
  • Revmob
  • LeadBolt
  • IAds
  • Feel free to use any ad company.

    These games also have ready Admobe, Cahrtboost interstitial Ads and banner, also they have a Leaderboard already setted up , and they have In App Purchase which is an Extension tells the player to buy an option that allows the player to disable ads .

    Here’s the following games.

    1 – Impossible Jump

    This is an Android Arcade Avoidance Game, The aim of the player is to avoid touching the Triangles .

    Download .apk file

    2 – UnlcokDoors

    This is an android Puzzle Game
    The aim of the player is to find the keys to Unlock Dooors .

    Download .apk file

    3 – BounceBall

    The aim of the player is to avoid touching anything red .

    This game has 4 types of power-ups that give you more advance in the game leading the player as far as possible of enjoyment , also it has a tutorial that tells the player how to play .

    Download .apk file

    4 – NorthJourney

    This is an android Adventure Game
    The aim of the player is to help the character passing levels .

    Download .apk file

    you can see the games individually


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