Try to play 3 Touch game with 3D Touch.

Demo App

Demo Video:

Version features:

– 3D Touch Shortcut.

– 3D Touch Action Game

– Swift 2.x

– Game Center.

– Share Social

– Admob Banner

Easy to Reskin

You can re-skinner this application quickly. All the elements are part of the foundation of Apple, there is no libraries, no framework. There are only a few images that serve as tutorial, but you can change them directly in the assets of Xcode (size 2x, 3x ). It’ll just add your icons, and you can submit the application.


1. Open file Config.swift change Admob ID

2. Open file Config.swift change Leaderboard ID

3. Change identification app

Optional CheckList

1.You have Xcode 7.3

2. Make sure you run code on real device have 3D Touch: 6S, 6S Plus

3. Please open 1 project at a time

4. Run it now.

Support: We provide support within the comments section. So when you have questions, we’re here to answer. So let’s get the new top list app code!

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