Ultimate JavaScript Counter

This is the animated counter based on JavaScript that displays the text, date, time, symbols or mixed mode as the counter view animation. You may use different colors, fonts, sizes, gradient backgrounds and 30+ visual effects to get your counter more awesome to view on your website or landing pages.

The Visual Builder tool features include about 20 options to customize but it also can be used in a simple configuration.

The Ultimate JavaScript Counter is well documented, customizable and easy to understand how it works to make your own changes to the code.
Also this plugin uses Google fonts to show the animated text or digits or symbols in the panels of the counter, there is no change in the quality of displayed drawings when it gets resized.


– Fully customizable and Easy to use;
– Contains code only without any images;
– Counter has build-in responsive features;
– Counter has time synchronized features;
– Multi-language support;
– Special national characters included for German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian;
– Counter can be used as any text, date, time, symbol or mixed displayer;
– Animated and smoothed scroll effects in 30+ different styles;
– Supports prefix or postfix counter with any symbol (e.g. currency sign);
– Supports Google fonts, Background presets and Counter types for the best visual features;
– Visual Builder presented for quick and easy setting up of a custom Counter;
– Easy in coding, editing and configuring due to implemented descriptive enumerations;
– Compatible with IE 8,9,10,11 / Chrome / Safari / Firefox / Opera browsers;

Well Documented and Code Examples

Ultimate JavaScript Counter

100% Responsive and No Images Used, CSS Styling Only

Responsive and No Images


Plugin Release 1.2:
* New Added Features:

+ Added ability to define the left and right spaces around a character. Used to align (corrective) horizontal character position in the block  (see documentation)
+ Added Spanish, Italian, Czech, Slovak special characters

* Improvements:

Some code improvements in Countdown counter. Now the setting up the date and time will be better to understand.
Minor bug fixes.

Plugin Release 1.1:
* Counter New Added Features:

+ Added 'randomDisplay' parameter. Used to shuffle (randomly) received counter values. (see documentation)
+ Added 'randomDuration' parameter. Used to align (corrective) speed animation. (see documentation)
+ Added new gradient styles. For your convenience and visual building

* Improvements:

'Width' parameter. Now block width may be defined in pixels and percentage
'Set Responsive' parameter. Responsive abilities improvements

* Fixes:

Other minor bug fixes

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