This is a complete library to validate client-side input and provide feedback accordingly. The JavaScript library contains 12 base validation functions that can validate all types of form fields.

The library was last updated on 28/03/2014 adding 4 pre-built ready to use functions bringing total number of functions to 16 (12 Base + 4 Ready to Use Functions)

Some Key Features:

  • Simple Integration
  • Complete Documentation
  • Visual Feedback
  • Textual Feedback
  • Check Minimum Length
  • Range Check
  • Empty Fields Validation
  • Value Retrieval
  • Check Date Format
  • Check Time Format
  • Check Number Input
  • Validate URL
  • Validate Email

Pre-Built Ready to Use Functions:

  • validateContactForm()
  • validateMemberDetails()
  • validateStartEndDates()
  • validateLogin()

The code is fully documented and each part of the code is well explained. This Javascript library can work in tandem with any other frameworks out there such as jQuery and mootools.

The script was thoroughly tested in a local environment and bugs were removed prior to publishing.
I will support this script via comments (script only not customisations).

Files Included:

  • validateLib.js (Main Library)
  • validateLibMin.js (Main Library Minified Version)
  • validateLibJS-Documentation.pdf
  • validateLibJS-Tutorial.pdf
  • Quick Start Guide

HTML5 Form Showing implementation

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