Cursor Tail

Animated “Cursor Tail”, which can be customized individually using many parameters.


  • 2 types of tail shapes (cube and circle)
  • Tail size management
  • Rounding of tail edges
  • Manage fill color and transparency fill level
  • Manage the stroke color and transparency level of the stroke
  • Stroke Thickness Management
  • Change the level of velocity (velocity)
  • Change of visual tailing of the tail when capturing elements
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of presets for different elements of the “capture” (by selector)


Coming soon

  • Add more form types
  • Tail cloning
  • Ability to change the standard cruiser to a custom form
  • Filters levels overlay tail on the elements on the page (Blending mode) for example invert – if the white tail hits a white background – it turns black

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