This is a modern CSS 3 and HTML 5 collection of animations for titles or general text. Some elements have constant animation and/or hover effects. The collection built without JavaScrypt only using CSS transitions, keyframes, and other tools. Because of it, the animation frame rate will be controlled by the browser, which is lead to better overall optimization.

  • Glitch – an effect that imitates glitch shift in font and color break from modern movies and games.
  • Breath – a light letter moving, breathing-like text effect.
  • Treadmill – a title that running lines beneath the letters.
  • Neon – an effect that adds neon glow animation to text. Also interrupts with blinking on mouse hover.
  • Sun – very light glowing font animation.
  • Hello – an appearing and diagonally disappearing text.
  • Flashlight – blurred light circle effect that makes letters become visible.
  • 3D Text – an effect for a text that makes it look 3 dimensional with glowing shadow on the ground on mouse hover.

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