Main features

  • 10 Navigations
  • Responsive
  • Easily customize
  • Easily installation
  • beautifull UI/UX
  • Clean Code
  • documentation included


Setup And Customization

    First extract the file. Now go to the Sidebar folder of your choice. Here is the file structure (all folders are the same).here

  • There is “css code” used on the sidebar in the “css” folder.
  • In the “fonts” folder there are the fonts icons used in the sidebar.
  • Images folder contains the images used in the sidebar. (Here the image with the name logo is used as the logo in the side bar)
  • scss folder used in sscode
  • There is html code in the index file and basically the sidebar is completed by adding all the above files


*You can easily edit any code by going to that folder to edit any issue. Because everything is done in separate files here

    Notice here:

  • If you want to change manu name and url then open index file. Add the link and name marked yellow(name url) in the red scholarship(Menu name)


    Setup Sidebar:

  • Go to the index file of the sidebar you liked. Here you will see
"<!-- Page Content -->
     Content (Paste Your Content   )
<!-- Page Content End-->" 
  • like this.Within this ”<!– Page Content –> Paste Your Content <!– Page Content End->” you will paste your content.
  • sidebar-html-structure

      But if you want to add your other files with the sidebar from here:

    • Place the code above this comment above your content
    • Place the code below this comment below your content


    You login to your cPanel then click on “File Manager”. Find the domain where your project is located (if main is at domain then go to “public_html”). Add the side bar of your choice with your content file. Again, the side bar file is different in many projects, if this is the case, then paste the code of this side there (but remove the code of the content here).
    And add the scripts, links, tags that are here if they are not added (the files added here are downloaded. But if you add online CDN then you will not need those files). And if there is no need to double add.
    If you need to understand something, you can comment

    Thanks for watching

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