One way to deal with long, complex forms is to break them up into multiple steps. You know, answer one set of questions, move on to another, then maybe another, and so on and so forth. We often refer to these as multi-step forms (for obvious reasons), but others also take to calling it a “wizard” form.

Multi-step forms can be a great idea! By only showing a few inputs on a screen at a time, the form may feel more digestible and prevent users from feeling overwhelmed by a sea of form fields. Although I haven’t looked it up, I’m willing to say no one enjoys completing a ginormous form — that’s where multiple steps can come in handy.

The problem is that multi-step forms — while reducing perceived complexity on the front end — can feel complex and overwhelming to develop. But, I’m here to tell you that it’s not only achievable, but relatively straightforward using our script as the base. So, that’s what we’re going to build together today!

Multistep HTML Form Responsive Multi Step HTML Form can be used for your organization, company, business. So that your visitors, customers, clients, agents, members can use this form to get Quote and/or let you know their service concern through the form.

Create a switch form’s animation program. Basically, there is multi-step or step by step form and two buttons for next and previous steps. When it goes next or previous there is an animation effect, which we can change or switch by choosing the animation type which is given above the form. After selecting various animation types, then the step’s animation will change according to that.

This program is created with Bootstrap, so this is a responsive design. Because bootstrap is built for creating responsive elements, it is a library of HTML CSS JS. Here I have also used JavaScript for the change animation feature. The main function of this program is the animations are powered by CSS and the switch program in JavaScript.

If there is any difficulty do not hesitate to contact me.

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