13 style to custom HTML inputs type checkbox with animated effects when click.
Based on HTML5, CSS3, Fonts Awesome Icons, Bootstrap v4.0.0.
W3 Validated (W3C Validated) HTML and CSS Codes.
No JavaScript or jQuery.
Clean, Fresh, and Well Decorated Codes.
used four active colors when input checked [dark, blue, orange, mauve].
used Font Awesome Icons.
All Browser Compatible.
Easy to Customize.
100% Responsive.
You will get HTML file, CSS files, Documentation file.
You can use any HTML editor code software to develop the item as Atom, Visual Studio Code and Sublime.
You can use it in registration, rating, online exams, polls pages and many other purposes.
Custom Checkbox CSS can be easily integrated into HTML Project or Website to Enhance the Attractiveness of the HTML Form.

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