Pricing Tables is a responsive and modern take on product/comparison display. Developed by Zomex it is easy to use and customize.


  • Fully Responsive
  • Supports 1-6 Columns – copy/paste examples of all
  • No Framework – these tables have been developed with native HTML/CSS – No framework (i.e Bootstrap) means they won’t conflict when integrating with an existing website
  • Clean & Optimised – no frameworks, no Javascript, no images means fast load times and easy integration
  • Column Highlighting – supports adding a highlight to each column including new, free, popular, hot
  • Easy Color Scheme Changes – This script uses CSS variables for easy color scheme/spacing changes
  • Icons – All icons use the popular framework from Font Awesome
  • Easy Installation – copy/paste the HTML and CSS file

Why Zomex?

  • Support Included – we are well known for providing high quality support via our ticket system (over 10,000 ticket answered)
  • 12 Years Experience – we have been providing templates and scripts for over 12 years

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