Facebook Login Save your visitors valuable time and make their login a breeze with the Facebook Login.
You can now generate a user friendly environment for the sign-up Facebook connect feature.
Your user will be thanking you later. You can also change the “Login with Facebook” button name,
fully customise the button position as well as choose button designs that fit any business.


  • Allows your users to register using their Facebook accounts.
  • Allow user to create an account on your website with one click.
  • Multi language buttons and texts.
  • Change style designs button.
  • The plugin supports Facebook profile picture as avatar.
  • Easy instalation.
  • Nicely integration.
  • HTML5 markup: scrubbed clean of bulk and infused with semantic power.
  • CSS3 galore: progressively enhanced styles reward modern browsers while staying lean.
  • Full documentation.
  • Technical Support.

Module is live demo


This plugin is supported. All you need to do is contact the developer through the Webtet e-mail or Webtet profile page.

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