Features full list

  • Easy to install
  • No need to configure
  • Full Ajax support in the filter product sidebar and tool-bar, search result page
  • Includes Price Slider, for customers to filter products in the catalog by price range, this Magento price slider uses an implementation of the jQuery UI slider component
  • The price slider plugin supports touchscreen.
  • Scrolls to top after Ajax reload
  • With bookmarks/history support, using URL hashes.
  • Display product quickly and smoothly

Ajax Layer Navigation will allow the customers to search the products using the product attributes. It will also optimize the filtering of products based on the product attributes. Using this module you can filter multiple attributes and attributes values at a time. This module also provides an impressive price bar as well. Both are Ajax based that means customers don’t need to wait for the page reload.

Ajax Based Extension

The extension uses Ajax web technology which allows web pages to update and transfer data without reloading. Ajax technology helps in providing a faster way to filter down the catalog and find the right products that the customers are looking for. Ajax Layer Navigation Magento 2 eliminates the delays in the searching process and prevents the page reloads.

  • Send and receive web page data asynchronously.
  • Saves search preferences of the customers.
  • Update filter results without page reload.
  • Maintains the previous state of the browser.

Filter By Range

Ajax Layer Navigation extension allows customers to filter down the products by numeric product attributes. It provides price slider which is an ideal numeric filter tool.

  • Slider control Price selection.
  • Search the product in the most efficient way.
  • User defined price range search.

Change Log

------------ VERSION - 1.0.0: Release on 04-20-2018 ------------
[+] Initial Release

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