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Zero Bounce Rate Add-on


Adjust your website to the optimal Bounce Rate range

bounce rate

Zero Bounce Rate is a creative tool that allows you to adjust your website bounce rate to any value you desire.

Please Note: This is not a standalone software, It’s an Add-on for
InMillion Web Traffic

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Bounce Rates Impact On SEO & Search Ranking

If you’re a marketer, SEO specialist or a website owner you probably know that the bounce rate is an important issue for SEO.

If your website bounce rate is bad, this can effect SEO results as a bad bounce rate is a sign of poor content to Google and other major search engines.

To know more about the concept of bounce rate in general, what’s is the optimal, good or bad percent, please read these two helpful articles
on Google
and Semrush.


As may you have read on Google and Semrush that the optimal bounce rate would be in the 26% to 40% range.

Here’s how Zero Bounce Rate will improve your website bounce rate (BR):

If your website BR is greater than 40%, you can send visits with a low BR value.

If your website BR is less than 26%, you can send visits with a high BR value. It’s that easy

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We’ve tested this software tool on 100+ websites belong to us, our friends and some volunteers.
About 10% of them said that it doesn’work!
On the other hand, 90% of them said that it worked perfectly. For example: they sent 1000 visits with 0% BR and they saw on
Google Analytics that the result for these visits was Absolutely Zero.
Thus, We encourage you to try this Add-on before buying. It’s Free to Try

V 1.0 Released: 11 November 2021

            - Initial release

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