Web Printer is an application for Windows. Allows you to print directly from the browser according to the specified settings. This solution is really helpful if you want:

• Get rid of browser popup
• Fast printing
• Autostart on Windows startup
• Does not require additional licenses
• Unlimited number of installations
• Works with any printer
• Easy customization via html
• Eliminates manager errors when choosing a printer

System requirements
• Requires x64 or x86 architecture
• Windows operating system


The program is designed for the Browser (php, c#, wordpress for any systems).
1. Run the program
2. Set preferences
3. Try to print a check from the test page “Documentation.html”
4. Make your check in html format
5. Type : )
Example: You have a Web site (crm, erp, saas, online store, website, and so on). You install the program where you need to print a cash receipt (if you have 7 stores, you need to install the program 7 times, but you buy only 1 time)

Web Printer (for any sites) - 1

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