True.Sys Whatsapp Auto Sender

True.Sys Whatsapp Auto Sender

⭕ You have many customers and want to send them a WhatsApp message once and without effort ⁉️⁉️

⭕ If you want to send pictures of your products to all customers at once ⁉️⁉️

⭕ If you  want to send congratulations to a large group of people ⁉️⁉️

⭕  If you  want to send a price list to all customers on WhatsApp at once ⁉️⁉️

True.Sys offers you the solution

With True Sys Whatsapp Auto Sender

With our program, you will be able to send an infinite number of messages to any customer, whether the customer has his number registered with you or not.

Not only that, no, and you can also send any number of attachments, whether pictures or videos, with the message

We also have a feature to make your number unblocked by setting it to remain in a time between each message and the second.

You can also switch between two transmission systems, the copy-and-paste system and the writing system through the writing simulation system

Not only that, you can download the list of clients from an excel file or write the numbers with your own hands

You can also send a message, not only by number, no, and you can also send a message by name

The program is also very simple with a simple graphic interface that is not complicated

Also, you do not need to install the program

True.Sys quick guide:

Just open the program

Then add the number you want to send to by writing an excel file containing the names or add them manually via the table on the left. You can also write the name of the name instead of the number if it was registered before

Type the message in the box in the middle of the screen under the title Message

– Choose the files to be attached by pressing Add Attachment on the right of the screen

– Adjust the delay settings to not be blocked by WhatsApp

– Click on the start button, a new window will appear for you to prepare your browser to start automatic transmission

– In the second window, click on the “Click to start” button, where by this button your browser is prepared to open your WhatsApp on it, and when the WhatsApp is opened, you can click on the “Start Send” button, and the program will work completely automatically until it finishes sending all the messages and it will ask you Save the dispatch report on your computer, which contains a summary of the operations that took place and that caused an error


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it need .net framework v4.6.2

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