Advanced Telegram Marketing Software with an emphasis on easy operation, User-friendly interface Easy-to-operate and Easy-to-maintain.

With the TgramPro Telegram Marketing Software you can invite over 3000 members in less than an hour.

Invite unlimited Telegram Members to your Telegram group with TgramPro Telegram Marketing Software If you want to grow up your Telegram group, you can easily Invite Telegram members to your group. You can add HQ targeted telegram members from any group you have scraped and add to your group using TgramPro Telegram Marketing Software. The best tool to add telegram members to group and increase telegram members with TgramPro Telegram Marketing Software.

✔ –  Bulk Invite To Telegram Group

✔- Support  Multiple accounts.

✔-  Support  Rotating Proxy

✔-  Support Secure Proxy Login with username and password

✔ –  The software communicates with the official Telegram API

✔-  Creates Users Automatically – software produces high quality users automatically

✔ –  Create a telegram account from any country in the world at the cost of a single SMS Per account.

✔ – Bוilt-in integration for creating telegram accounts, choose from a list of 9 SMS providers.

✔- Automatically  Login to multiple accounts and join the group before the software starts invite.

✔-  Built-in Telegram Group Scraper (The user does not need to be a member of the group to perform Scrapeing)

✔-  Extract members through specified group link.

✔- Automatically filter from the users list unwanted users such as: spam or blocked.

✔-  Separate users list for Scrapeing and for invite.

✔-  Support filtering members by online status or filter by the number of days the user was last seen (the last time the user connected to the Telegram app).

✔-  Live data report in addition to a detailed log file.

✔-  Windows 8 

✔- Windows 10

✔- Windows 11

✔- Win Server

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