Welcome to The HulkGram | Turbo Contacts Warmer


The #1 and Only Telegram Accounts Warming Up Tool in the world which allows you:

  • Warming Up Accounts With Multiple Ways to Reduce BAN as much as possible while sending Bulk Camapigns to Bulk adding members to your Group(s).
  • ✅ Bulk Session Saver
  • ✅ Cloud Password Support
  • ✅ Bulk enable Show Number Option
  • ✅ Add Each other to Contacts
  • ✅ Bulk Change Profile Pictures
  • ✅ Bulk Add or Change First and Last Name
  • ✅ Check for Banned Accounts
  • ✅ Bulk Join Groups and Channels
  • ✅ Bulk Chat
  • ✅ Bulk 2FA Maker
  • ✅ Bulk 2FA Remover

IT is not Just a Telegram Tool.. It is A Hulk Warming Software.



Check the Ultimate HULK Warmer FEATURES:

You will never find All the following features in One Software, We are Challenging.

Bulk Session Saver:

  • Add unlimited telegram Accounts to software, and no need to verify code each time you run software.
  • 2FA Support: No need to remove 2FA from Accounts before logging in like, our software helps you while adding the account first time.

Bulk enable Show Number Option:

  • This option Allows your Accounts to find each other using mobile number.
  • Automatically adding no manual steps.

Add Each other to Contacts:

  • Advanced option to bulk Add your Accounts in Contacts list for Each others, So they looks for telegram API as a friends. ( increase Anti-Banning ).
  • No need to save one by one anymore, it is Automated.

Bulk Change Profile Pictures:

  • Bulk Change the profile Picture for All your Telegram Accounts
  • Select a folder contains multi photos and software will randomly change all Accounts profile pictures.

Bulk Add or Change Identity:

  • Bulk Add or Change First and Last Name: Using this feature you will randomly create a first and Last name to all your Accounts to look like a natural human.
  • IT is a randomed Cloudy names.

Check for Banned Accounts:

  • You had a temporaray banned accounts ? No worries this option will help you in a bulk way
  • Bulk Check for all accounts and Check wethere active or banned
  • software will find the Banned Accounts and Talk to the Telegram Official Bot To remove the BAN .. Awesome!

BULK Groups and Channels Joiner:

  • Bulk Join Cloud stored Groups and Channels to increase Ban Defense chances, and increase the amount of incoming messages.
  • All Groups and Channels are active and have bulk messages every minute.

Bulk Chat and Warmer:

  • All your Telegram Accounts will auto talk to each other with a cloud stored Different messages
  • Makes All accounts looks for Telegram API Like a friends talks to each other.
  • Different and Random messages Content.

Bulk 2FA Maker

  • Bulk create a 2 Factor Authentication Password for All Accounts
  • Protect it from being stolen specially ( if you purchased accounts )

Bulk 2FA Remover

  • Don’t want to write 2 factor authentication password each time ?
  • Simple bulk remove it in a click away.


  • Friendly and Easy User Interface
  • Multi Tasks in One Menu Option
  • Portable and no installation required
  • Telegram Accounts Monitoring system with Details in Footer
  • Instant Reports for each action done
  • Interactive Progress bar to show the Progress.


  • Auto Delay time between each Action
  • Auto sleep time between each bulk of sent messages
  • Suppoirt Buttons 




Changelog & Update History

V 1.0 | 14.07.2022
- Software Official Launch.<br /><br />

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