WhatsBulker is a Windows desktop-based user-friendly tool to send automated WhatsApp messages to your customers including contacts not saved in your address book.

WhatsBulker is the only tool to date that allows you to send customized and personalized messages to your customers. It helps you to create engagement with your users by sending personalized messages and build a long-lasting relationship with them.

Using WhatsBulker, you can easily send product updates, promotions, news, and announcements to your audience + attachments.

WhatsBulker gives you a full report of messages sent successfully and of fails, also for the attachments.

WhatsBulker allows you also to set a time between messages and more settings, see the screenshots.

★ No more one by one sending off messages to all your customers.

★ No more sending of common messages to your prominent users.

Software Features
• One Time Login Feature
No need to login to your whatsapp at any time you want to start a campaign(for google chrome only).

• Smart automation tool
WhatsBulker waits until the message is sent, the same for the attachments.

• Unlimited WhatsApp Messages
Blast messages to all contacts including contacts not saved in your address book and for groups.

• Dynamic Content Option
Set customized Messages with dynamic attachment with variables.

• Send Multiple Attachment
Now, you can send more than 1 attachment to each number, contact or groups.

• Full Report
Export report in EXCEL format with messages and attachments status

• Message Delay Management
Option to set lumpsum delay and delay between every message

• Modern UI
Latest UI design with easy to use interface

• Save/Open Campaign
When you setup your campaign simply save it to save time in the next time you want to resend this campaign.

• Start / Stop Features
You can Start / Stop the messaging service anytime in between the process.

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