the perfect solution for your data center proxy generation needs at an amazing speed of 1 GB/s, our bot only generates US proxies.
Our application uses advanced technology based on Ultrasurf to generate proxies with unique IP addresses within the Ultrasurf pool ensuring optimized and fast performance.

Try the demo and find out for sure

Download Demo and Documentation
The demo has limitations but includes all the features
Important: please read the documentation before using the bot, if you find any error, please leave me a comment.

Included functions

  • Time based rotation control
  • Adjustable number of wires
  • Generation of a customized number of proxies
  • Initial ports and adjustable limits
  • Rotating server
  • List of independent proxies


  • Minimum 4core CPU
  • 4/8GB RAM minimum
  • Operating System Windows 64 btis

Read the documentation to learn how to use and install the bot, as well as its configuration.

The application is ideal for use in web traffic bots and is counted by YouTube in video views.
With ProxyGenerator Bot, you will have a reliable and efficient solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Includes source code

No, it is sold separately, we can reach an agreement.

How many installations per License?

The facilities are unlimited

Where do proxies come from??

data center proxies are generated by the ultrasurf application which is a VPN application that generates hundreds of different proxies for free and high speed
that generates hundreds of different proxies for free and at high speed.

How many Proxys can be generated?

The number of proxies is determined by the ultrasurf pool.

Proxies can be rotated?

Yes, you can rotate multiple proxies using the rotating bot server.

The Bot generates a proxy list?

Yes, the bot generates an independent proxy list that is updated according to the rotational time.

I can use the bot to generate traffic?

Yes, the bot’s proxies are used to be added inside other bots that generate web traffic.

Important for buyers

Feel free to ask any questions, I always respond immediately or within a couple of hours but I always respond.

List of available Bots

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