Imagine your dream of starting your own startup coming true, with Project Manager your dream can come true overnight.

The Project Manager is a manager prepared to control customers, with him you control everything. Get access to blocked and released, active and inactive customer reports, receipts, payment methods and more.

The Work Order Manager is similar, however, it serves to manage the work orders and quotes that can be provided to future customers. Perfect for technical assistance and several other segments, just edit it in the way that suits you best. This project aims to provide a service that allows the granting of a license with a term equal to or greater than 30 days.


  • Easy control using mouse and keyboard
  • Works on Windows, Mac OS e Linux
  • Easy way to add/replace images
  • Possible realization of external access
  • Backup with asymmetric encryption


  • Two files (source) NetBeansProjects
  • Two Dump.sql files containing the database structure
  • Included javadoc
  • Documentation in html teaching how to use the system, edit images
    and clean and build the project

Software GIF


– Project Manager

  • Client management
  • Management of receipts
  • User role-based access control
  • Database backup with asymmetric encryption
  • Reports
    • Released and blocked clients
    • Active and inactive customers
    • Individual receipt
    • Paid receipts
    • Term receipts
    • Payment methods
    • Users

– Work Order Manager

  • Client management
  • Service management
  • Budget management
  • User role-based access control
  • Database backup with asymmetric encryption
  • Reports
    • All services
    • Service registration and individual budget
    • Service orders
    • Budget Requests
    • Situation under analysis
    • Situation delivered OK
    • Failed budget
    • Waiting for Approval
    • Waiting for Parts
    • Customer Forgot
    • Returned
    • Users


Code is written in Java using NetBeans IDE 8.2 (Build 201705191307)

– Minimum requirements

  • Windows, Mac OS or Linux
  • MySQL Server
  • Jdk-7 (supports Ireport)
  • Java SE
  • Jaspersoft iReport Designer


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you liked the project, please leave a comment.



If you need to make changes to this or any other project, or if you need an entirely new project, please send me a message.



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