POS Advance and Delivery System

Powerful and easy to use POS and delivery system for your local delivery business.that is equipped with a touchscreen, which ensures that you can enter your order in a few simple steps. Entering orders reliably, easily and quickly saves you time and ensures quality.


  • Server Settings.
  • Login Access.
  • Product Listing.
  • Manage Suppliers.
  • Customer Order Form.
  • Products on Recorder Level.
  • Stock Order and Stock Receive.
  • Manage Customers.
  • Stock Monitoring.
  • Defective Stocks.
  • Sales Receipt
  • Cashiering.
  • User Records.
  • Manage Trucks/Loading/Back Load.
Version 2.1 32-bit 64-bit

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POS Advance and Delivery System

Features Software

Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Change Log

----- Change Log v 2.1
Added Server Settings
----- Change Log v 1.1
added Business Location and Warehouses
added Login Access
added Main Module
added Product Listing
added Manage Suppliers
added Customer Order Form
added Products on Recorder Level
added Stock Order and Stock Receive
added Manage Customers
added Stock Monitoring
added Defective Stocks
added Sales Receipt
added Cashiering
added User Records
added Manage Trucks/Loading/Back Load
--- Change Log v 1.o
- Initial Release 

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