Open PopUnder or Tabunder ads

SharkBot is a bot with different functionalities and one of these is to have its own virtual mouse where you can click like a human
like a human opening any popup ad successfully.

Try the demo and find out for sure

Download Demo and Documentation
The demo has limitations but includes all the features
Important: please read the documentation before using the bot, if you find any error, please leave me a comment.

List of available Bots


  • Minimum 4core CPU
  • 8GB RAM minimum
  • Operating System Windows 32/64 btis

Read the documentation to learn how to use and install the bot, as well as its configuration.

Included functions

  • Undetectable Bot has stealth functions
  • Social and Customizable References
  • Customizable user agents
  • Proxy configuration including list processing
  • Resource blocking to save bandwidth
  • Mouse movements like a human

Frequently Asked Questions

Includes source code

No, it is sold separately, we can reach an agreement.

Detected by Google Analytics?

yes, google analytics has changed a lot in the last months and the visits are usually detected after 30 seconds from the beginning of the session.
what is not assured is the time of duration of the session that already depends on the interaction and the time that lasts the session.

Detected as Bot?

No, the bot is configured to be as undetectable as possible as a bot, but as a common human.

secure advertisements?

Yes, everything will depend on the proxies used, and whether they are of good quality or not.

Important for buyers

Feel free to ask any questions, I always respond immediately or within a couple of hours but I always respond.

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