Offline WA-GW Token Generator

Especially for You who want OFFLINE WA-GW TOKEN GENERATOR

Please see this item..
“WA-GW | WhatsApp and SMS GateWay with SAAS Support”

After Installation..
Default WA-GW can only send 1000x messages,
You must generate Token here to be Unlimited

With this application, No need to worry, if url is down or cannot be accessed again in future

Please Follow this step :

1. Open WG.EXE, Click Menu – Set Token Key\

2. You will see this window, take note of your ID. Example here is “12567”


3. Open the Offline WAGW Token Generator, Enter your ID.
Example here is “12567”, Then click Generate

Generate results will appear. Example here “45245”


4. Enter the generated result  in this window, then click SET


5. Done..


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