Obsidian Tarot is a Tarot reading software for Windows coded in Visual Basic.NET. The objective of this application is to learn the meanings of the major and minor arcana and to do your own readings, either for yourself or for your customers.

Learn to be a fortune teller by your own with this valuable Tarot software and gain insight to your life.

With this software you can:
– Practice your readings and interpretation.
– Do readings for you or your customers.
– Create your own spreads.
– Use multiple decks and oracles.

Some interesting features:
– Free mode (Select some cards and draw your reading)
– Deck mode (Shuffle and throw cards one by one)
– Popup card name and meaning on mouse hover
– 5 classic spreads including celtic cross
– Classic Rider Waite deck included.
– Use only major arcana on your readings.
– Use all cards in the deck on your readings
– Load & save your spreads and readings to a file.
– Built-in spread editor.

Recomended hardware specs:
– X64 Windows OS
– 4 GB of RAM
– 1920×1080 wide screen resolution

Obsidian tarot uses .NET framework 4.7, if you get any error, please download and install this package:

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