NFT Art Collections Generator Pro

Description :

NFT Art Collections Generator Pro With MetaData Files  is a smart and powerful generative art tool.
You can simply choose the Background Color : Random Color or use your preferred color than select the width and 
    the height of the image, add the number and the  thickness of lines and the than with one click you can make 
    unlimited number of NFTs Images (Generate 5k, 10K, 20K… NFTs with one click) with Metadata files.
This tool is for generating images that could be used as NFTs.
You can select Random Background Color or use your preferred Background color.
You can set the size of the NFTs "The Height and The Width".
You can add the number and the thickness of lines of your Nfts Images.
You can choose the output format is PNG or Gif.
You can use our tool to offer a service in Fiverr or any freelancing platform and make extra income.
Our Highly Experience and Expert team made this software for your business development. After this purchase 
    software you will achieve your business Goal.

Features :

-Generate MetaData files.
-Export Nfts an PNG Or Gif.
-Unlimited Nfts Generated Collections.
-Fast Generation.
-Random Nfts Generated.
-Random Backgound Color.
-Custom Background Color.
-Free Lifetime Updates.
Source code Not Included, If you are interested in buying the source code or reselling the software, or adding licensing 
system, please contact us.

Installation Process :

After Purchase the item, please Unzip The Main File Run the software.
1- add the number of Nfts (Generate 5k, 10K, 20K… NFTs with one click).
2- add the width of the Nfts in px.
3- add the height of the Nfts in px.
4- add the padding of Nfts in px.
5- add the number of lines in the Image.
6- add the thickness of line in px.
7- write the name of Nfts.
8- select the backgound color or use random generated backgound colors.
9- write the name of Nfts Collection.
10- add the name of metadata file.
11- select the extenions of Nfts PNG Or Gif.
12- Click the "Start Generating NFts" Button.
Than Go To the "main" folder Unziped from "".
Now you can see the generated Nfts Images in the "Generated NFT Images" Folder and the Generated MetaData 
Files in the "Metadata" Folder.

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