ReactJS Admin Panel with NodeJS REST API Generator from MongoDB + JWT Authentication + Postman Json

Generate full fledged ReactJS application with back end from any MongoDB Database

Generate unlimited code from any MongoDB database

Quick & Free Email or Skype Support

Includes Automatic Generated Postman Json for Quick Ready To Use API

What is ReactJS App Generator + NodeJS REST API Generator?

Created with the most popular fronted web technologies, ReactJS App Generator With NodeJS CRUD REST API Generator is a powerful and intuitive solution to create ReactJS Application from MongoDB.

With windows application it gives you flexibility to generate the full fledged ReactJS application with NodeJS REST API any number of times. Any modification in your database you have tool to generate the code again. No Installation required to run the ReactJS App Generator

ReactJS app generator with NodeJS REST API Generator performs an in-depth analysis of your MongoDB database: all types of relationships between tables, primary and foreign keys, field types and values, validation, etc.

This intelligent analysis is used to pre-configure the options adapted to each endpoint of the generated REST API.

The generated code can be hosted to your cloud server or shared hosting and it will be ready to use within a minute of time.

Generator tool also generate the POSTMAN import file according to the REST API and help you to quickly start your testing.

Smart Database Analysis

  • Primary keys detection and interpretation
  • Secondary keys detection and interpretation
  • Detection of all types of relationships
  • Smart integration of internal/external relationships in CRUD
  • Smart field type detection and integration
  • Detection and integration of validation types
  • Detection of Internal type, Array, Document

Customer feedback :

There are lots of reasons that I recommend this item, but, at least in my opinion, having the right attention at the right moment, makes all difference.
If you find yourself in trouble for any reason, be sure that you will be assisted and FAST. Thanks for this great product.

Superb product! Support is great, I had some doubts about the product at first. But the seller called me on skype and explained everything in great detail. It’s a great tool, and It will save you a lot of money and time. RECOMMENDED A+++

This is an awesome product, coupled with a great support from the publisher and the ease of usability… I strongly recommend this amazing product!

I must to say that this tool is amazing!!! Easy to use, found an error in Postman related to a missing string in the .htaccess file, then reading the support/comments of the author here from previous customers, I was able to fix it in 2 seconds. Keep up the great job, thanks again :)


 - 04 May 2022
    - Initial Release (Please report the bug if any)

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