Speed up your programming with using GENERATOR.

If you are looking for speed up your programming.
With “MCG or Massive Crud Generator” is the tool what you need.

This tool is a tool for programmers to speed up
script file creation the pattern is always the same or always repeats.

This tool will generate a CRUD file of type SQL-language,
especially for MySQL, namely: View, Add, Edit and Delete scripts.

The resulting script file can be used directly, or it can be edited as needed.

This tool is an EXE file and runs on the Windows platform 32/64 bit.
You can generate from Datasource.
You can create Stored Procedure View/Add/Edit/Delete with create very fast.


  • Generate script from datasource
  • Support type data system created_at and updated_at
  • 100% Customization features
  • Clean Code

Included samples data:

Option if you will try or practice this tool

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