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Mailox is a windows application that helps you to validate, check, manage your email lists and extract emails + send bulk emails.

Mailox has 6 tools and they are :

★ Emails Format Checker

+ Emails Format Checker: this is useful tool that help you to extract invalid emails format from large mail lists.
eg. valid format = “[email protected]”, invalid format = “emailsadress@” or “emailsaress@domain” or “emailsdress”
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★ Emails Domain Validator

+Emails Domain Validator: another useful tool that helps you to remove invalid emails domain and reduce the bounce rate, the tool extracts the domain from the email address and send a request and wait for an answer if he gets an answer that means the domain exists.

eg. [email protected] => domain is == valid domain

eg. [email protected] => domain is => invalid domain, not exist
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★ Emails Extractor

+ Emails Extractor: the 3rd tool in Mailox, helps you to extract emails from 3 different sources :

1 – From a text file

2- From a single Web Page

3- From a Full Website
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★ Emails List Separator

+ Emails List Separator: Use the Emails List Separator to separate the list of e-mail addresses by domain and then arrange the addresses within the domain.

For example, the input list is:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


The results:

Gmail emails [email protected] , [email protected]
Yahoo emails [email protected], [email protected] ,[email protected]
Hotmail emails [email protected]
AOL emails [email protected]
Other emails [email protected], [email protected]
Invalid emails twi@gmail

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★ SMTP Tester

+ SMTP Tester: this tool allows you to test your SMTP server if it works or not.
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★ Email Automation

+Email Automation: This is a tool that sends bulk emails to recipients. You can prepare email content with HTML or plain text. You can also adjust email sending speed.
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Features of Mailox

★ Smart & Optimized Tools
★ Validate email domains, and email Formats.
★ Test Your SMTP server
★ Extract Emails from Text Files, Single Page, Entire Website
★ Export Results into Text, HTML Files.
★ Send bulk emails and multiple campaigns in the same time

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