Keyword Generator (windows app)

Why using our app ?


With Keyword Generator  you have the easiest use to generate  the  
         keywords from  YouTube.
2. No ads
There are no annoying ads that disturb you in the program.

3.No Bugs

There are no crashes in the program and the program has been 
      tested more than once.

4.Easy to use

Easy to use where you can place the link in the link box and just 
     press generate keywords.

Important updates:

– Add new dimensions to the program.
– Modify the code for the program.
-Add dimensions to buttons.

Description: –

Easy-to-use tool to generate powerful YouTube keywords
All you have to do is put the custom video link address from YouTube in the link box and then press generate Keywords words.

Very important:
I am now working on expanding the range of sites from which semantics are extracted and thats will take few time .

In case of any problems do not hesitate… Email us immediately on our personal account.

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10

- You should using software called visual studio Code to read " Source 
- code " and modifying in program .
- you can use copy link address to take acopy and put it in link box.
- using Python programming languages .
- using TK inter for GUI of program

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