Katario SMS Go – SMS and MMS Rich Platform

Katario SMS is a SMS and MMS platform for sending and receiving text messages. It’s built on top of three different big providers: Twilio, MessageBird and SignalWire. Katario SMS Go, is the Katario SMS web application packaged into a desktop application.

⚠️ To use Katario SMS Go, you need an active Katario SMS account first ( ).

Katario SMS Go Features

Contact management

You can create, update, delete and mass delete contacts.

Import contacts from XLSX, XLS and CSV

You can easily import your contacts from XLSX, XLS and CSV files. You can also export your contacts.


Group your contacts by creating groups.


Organize your contacts and groups using custom labels.

Multiple Profiles

Have multiple phone numbers? Create a profile for each of them.

Message Scheduling

Schedule your messages to be automatically sent later.

Message providers

Katario SMS supports Twilio, MessageBird, SignalWire.

MMS support

Send and receive MMS messages.

Bulk messages

Write a single text message and send it to multiple contacts at once.

Email Notifications

Receive an email about new messages.


Add agents to your space and give them access to your profiles.

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