IPGeolocation is the definitive tool to geolocate IP addresses.

IPGeolocation allows you to geolocate more than 10000 ip addresses in less than 1 minute.

Add different ip addresses using a text file or writing them by hand. IPGeolocation obtains the following data from each IP:

– Country
– City

All this information is taken from the database. IPGeolocation downloads the database for you and updates it automatically.

Do not pay more monthly fees or use services that limit the number of requests. With IPGeolocation there is no limit on the number of requests and no monthly fees.

IPGeolocation is built on .NET 6 and is cross-platform. You can run IPGeolocation on your favorite operating system: Windows, Linux or MacOs. You just have to install the .NET 6 runtime for your operating system (more information

If you want you can download and try IPGeolocation in demo. In DEMO mode it has limitations. 

If you have already purchased IPGeolocation, fill out this form to obtain your license.

If you have any problems with the program you can contact me through CodeCanyon or through this form

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